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ZHUHAI SKY GOOD TECH. INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1992, and a luggage locks and luggage films manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production and sales, with 2 branches (Zhongshan Co. & Jinwan Co.). Our company holds the SKYGOOD trademark and nearly 50 technological patents. We principally deal in luggage combination locks, fingerprint locks, Bluetooth locks, ABS/PC luggage films, and import & export trade.

SKY GOOD TECH. has been focusing on the design & production of luggage film & lock from the very beginning. Some classic designs are still hot-selling in the market nowadays. In over 20 years, SKY GOOD TECH. becomes a leading manufacturer in China due to its stable quality & sensitive accurate market trend. We were granted the manufacturer license of TSA (the U. S. Transportation Security Administration) lock in 2006. SKY GOOD TECH. is fully meeting with the social responsibility checking of Wal-Mart, Samsonite, IKEA etc. and is now the first choice of well-known brands in the world.

        SKYGOOD TECH. is adhering to the business philosophy of "Rigorous, Responsible, Reliable, Enhances “. Under the guidance of the basic principle of “Marketing, Innovation, Service, Quality, Benefit, Management, Performance, Effect ", we devote ourselves into providing high quality and excellent service for the customers, “SKY GOOD “ will build a well-known brand in the relevant industries. Welcome to enjoy SKY GOOD TECH. products!

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